Come on ride the train….

November 12, 2009

Mass Transit of the future?

I am linking to a blog post that links to a full article at the BBC.  I just wanted to give credit to the author at Random Thoughts for finding and summarizing this article.

It’s a seemingly common sense idea, at least to myself.  Allow multiple vehicles on the highway, through a set of sensors and guides, to form a sort of self driving train with their vehicles.  This would allow them to relax, read, eat, talk on the phone, text, etc  while their car followed along in the train.  Jump to the article to read more about it. Pretty interesting I think.  Maybe we will see this in the US in a few years?  I have less to explain/summarize about this article.  It is best read on its own I feel. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Come on ride the train….”

  1. Tully said

    This is not mass transit.
    What America needs is a high speed rail.
    That would be an article worth reading.
    Imagine. An American rail pass. You would be able to see all of America in a matter of weeks.
    That would be the best thing since sliced bread.

    Try posting about this…Let’s make Obama keep his promise to create some HIGH SPEED RAIL!! Ayayaya!

  2. Well this is happening in Europe, not the US. Though I still feel it would be an interesting addition to road travel along side a high speed rail system as well.

    • Tully said

      Well, Mr. Hancock.
      I concur.
      It would be nice to as you say…read, or text/talk on the phone, or eat while cruising down the highway.

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